Pastor Marjorie Sharpe

Marjorie Sharpe is a woman of unspeakable wisdom and godly boldness who loves God’s people and pastors alongside her husband, Bishop Sharpe. God connected her and Ronald at a young age to raise them up quickly for Kingdom business. God is blessing and moving mightily in Pastor Marjorie’s life. She believes in God’s institution of marriage and works with her husband to help marriages bring glory to God. Pastor Marjorie works hard at church, at home, and wherever she goes to ensure God’s business and God’s people are taken care of.

As God’s chosen vessel, her character exemplifies integrity, excellence, great faith, and real love. God has embedded so much in her and he uses her to give people clarity and direction for their lives. Her heart cry is for God’s people to walk in holiness of lifestyle and character. And her passion is to produce healthy women who live by faith and not their emotions. Pastor Marjorie imparts a lifestyle of prayer, holiness, humility, and godliness so women will be healed and go forth healing others. Also, her concern is for young girls and daughters—the next generation. Pastor Marjorie Sharpe is a warring woman, forever combating the enemy, training people with God’s Word so they can make heaven to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at His return.